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Clever thinking brings about a fresh approach to the housing market.


We are inspired to create an affordable property to be proud of.
People & Property

People & Property

Property is beautiful but in the end It is all about people & where they live

Henley James Smart Homes: Making changes to the house building industry, Florida.



A brand new approach to building houses; created on a foundation of decades of property development.    We have designed and engineered a new way to construct houses inline with the current building regulations in South Florida, however we can deliver the Smart Home build design to the majority of the US.

fabricated steel houses prefabricated house prefab houses


We build quicker, more cost effective, high quality homes, offering green energy solutions driving the cost of living down.  

Henley James LLC are targeted to construct 100 units by the end of 2018, selling into a niche market that is vastly under prescribed by current local developers.  The properties we build offer great space and light, modern living at the right price, good quality affordable property not just for the wealthy.  

Henley James are able to create over the average margin in profits in property development, this is due to the build technique and source of the materials direct from manufacturing.   

We build on single to 6 unit plots only, which means sites are turned around fast and enabling us to reinvest funds into the next site quickly, turning the development process in approximately 6 months.  




The above chart is an illustration of the differences between Henley James Smart Home build versus a traditional build. It’s based on percentage difference to the traditional builder/developer.  

The decision to infiltrate this market in particular was an easy one,  we found through extensive market research that this is an area that is not catered for, infact the quality of housing is below par leaving want to be property homeowners out of the market.  It was not a surprise that builders are not working in this sector in a large way due to the margins in delivering a traditional solution.

Our research upturned some interesting offers like the 100% mortgage offers to the US veterans this only makes the niche market we are targeting more attractive.  This market is detached 2-3 bedroom (1200 sq.ft.) properties built to a high standard.  

Our properties are not a prefabricated low cost construction, rather they are a steel frame design built on concrete foundations.  

We identified the market to work in.

We designed a way to deliver to the market.   

It is now a case of delivering the product.

**  steel frame property - we look to deliver as illustrated.

*   Niche Market of VA and property ownership between $180000/ $240000 for a family home and $130000/ $160000 for a starter home.


funds and financial houses are encouraged to make enquiries to see how you can benefit from the margins mentioned above, full business plans and proposals on request.


About Henley James

Henley James started 8 years ago on the foundation of decades of property related projects big and small. Consulting to companies and individuals helping and delivering for them as well as building and developing our own properties. Our history is Philip Reeve started developing central London property in the late 1970's moving to the West Indies 90's, then joined by Martin Reeve working on portfolio management and acquisitions, with having constructed high end and as well as the more reserved properties, with a track record of adding value giving Henley James a wide variety of property experience.   Martin Reeve sits in the driving seat of the UK team and Philip Reeve sits at the helm of the US team. With  professionals that can deliver on all manor of projects, from small refurbishments to multiple unit sites. Henley James focuses on the client needs and wants with a position of clarity giving our clients clear advice to move forward. If you would like to know more about the team or projects we have been involved with please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

Where to find Us

UK: Henley James Ltd.
7 west End Lane, Esher, Surrey,

KT10 8LB

Mobile: +44 (0)7775 638655
Telephone: +44 (0)1372 463 993
Email: info@henleyjames.co.uk

US: Henley James LLC.
1314 East Las Olas Blvd.
Suite 1016, Ft. Lauderdale 
FL 33301 

 Telephone: +1 (954) 607 1943

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